We realize that many people show up to yoga looking to meet inspirational teachers that will “give them something”. However,  we invite you to come and meet yourself deeply – meet your inner teacher – under the guidance of our loving and experienced team of yogis. This way you discover your inner guru and the source of all inspiration, love and peace.

Tamar Allers Ashtanga Yoga Montanita

Tamara Allers

Tamara Allers began her journey with yoga in 2009.  Her practice took her to India where she completed her first yoga teacher training at Ashiyana Yoga in Goa.

Her body consciousness was further expanded on through her schooling in Holistic Nutrition in Canada and completing her E-RYT 500. In 2011, in search of a simpler life, she moved to the coast of Ecuador and embarked on the journey of Yoga Montanita, where planting the seed of yoga has become her passion.

The foundation of her practice is rooted in Ashtanga, however, after 7 years of experience both as a teacher and student, her teaching style has been broadened to a much more fluid dynamic Vinyasa flow.

Moving deeper in the practice of yoga, she uses the 8 Limbs to create wonderfully challenging, energizing, and powerful classes, aiming to seek balance in not just the body but the mind as well.



Jackson Smeltzer Cabeza Sol yin yoga montanita

Jackson Smeltzer (Cabeza Sol)

Jackson began practicing yoga in 2012. As a youngster, he was an adrenaline junkie and extreme sports enthusiast, but after two and a half decades of abuse, his stiff and damaged body was ready for some healing. Originally he preferred to practice Astanga yoga but he eventually became more attracted to yin yoga. In 2017 he completed his 200-hour certification and in 2019 a 50-hour yin yoga course with Bernie Clark. He currently resides in Montanita where he is happy to share his love of yoga with fellow yogis and yoginis at Casa del Sol.

Michelle Hurley Yoga Teacher Ecuador

Michelle Hurley

Michelle began her yoga journey with a Groupon in 2011. A healthy way to hangout with friends evolved into a new lifestyle. She completed her Astanga-Vinyasa 200 hr in 2014, trained in children’s yoga in 2017, and certified in Yin Yoga in 2018. She has sat for three Vipassana meditations since 2018. Her style is flow based with a simple intention of helping people feel good in their bodies and minds.