Decision Making 101 : Coin toss (a few words from our teacher Teela Hammell!)

Things are getting pretty juicy here on Earth. Some of my most favorite humans have recently written to me with big ‘ol hairy decisions on their plates. “Signs seem to be pointing every which way!” they say. They’re wondering how they know “which signs” to follow.

Since I’ve struggled so much with decision making, I’ve spent buckets of time trying to understand the difference between the voice of my own internal compass and the voice broadcast by external pressures that could easily pass as “signs”.

I made this simple video a year ago for a friend who was trying to decide between jobs. I wanted to help him connect with his internal compass rather than letting someone else’s map (or society’s) guide him to places his soul probably doesn’t even care to be.

Anyway. I’m sharing this vid now because: 1) Big decisions are blooming everywhere, 2) A good friend of mine mentioned last week that he’d stumbled across it randomly, and reminded me that it existed (which mortified me because it was only intended for one person, and I thought I’d since take it down. oh, internet you’re cute.)

So. It’s not professional and there is a dog bark or two. But. My mortification has subsided in the wake of what seems like a real need for reconnection with our internal compasses.

I hope it helps a soul or two dust off their compass. (The first part is just a grounding exercise, the last minute is the decision-making tool. You need a coin and quiet place).