Come find your yoga at Estudio Casa del Sol

 Om suastiastu….

We feel so lucky to be able to teach yoga in a little piece of paradise!!!!  Established in 2011, we are the first and only studio in Montanita, Ecuador! Located a just short walk from town, we offer an organic bamboo space that hosts a  full schedule of varied classes.

Our goal has been to introduce this practice to the locals while at the same time offering a place for travelers to reinvigorate their bodies and minds. A team of teachers from all over the world keeps weekly classes fresh and new. Meanwhile, incredible instructors who pass through here keep us exploring the world of self-discovery by offering workshops and events.

We couldn’t ask for anything more.

In yoga, we find brilliant, yet simple practices to revitalize the ever-changing body. Through this, we aim to purify the nervous system and calm the mind to enjoy greater energy and health. In this space, we teach a mind/body practice to help you grow your personal power. Through this intention, we are ecstatic to share our endless dedication to making a positive change in the world around us.

Come explore this journey with us on the beautiful coast of Ecuador!


Check out the schedule for Jan/Feb 2022 below!

Monday @ 5:00 pm – Vinyasa Flow

Tuesday @ 10:30 am – Astanga Inspired

Wednesday @ 10:30 am – Vinyasa Flow

Wednesday @ 5:00 pm – Yin Yoga

Thursday @ 10:30 am – Vinyasa Flow

Friday @ 5:00 pm – Vinyasa Flow

Saturday @ 10:30 am – Vinyasa Flow

Sunday @ 5:00 pm – Yin Yoga

See you on the mat! 


Retreats. 200-hour teacher training. Self-discovery.

Find your journey!

The next course is in June 2022.

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Surfset Toronto is coming to Casa del Sol!

This is happening in February and we couldn’t be more excited for it! If you are interested, there is still space, so get registered and come a join us!!!