Ecuador’s earthquake and how you can help!

To all of our friends and family,

Although here in Montanita we were extremely lucky, not even an hour up the coast is in a state of devastation. We are slowly learning of the severity of the current situation and everyday it is getting worse. The sense of community and the amount of love being put forth by the people in this country, both citizens and travellers, is nothing short of mind blowing. We are doing our best to offer support, but we can also do more. If you wanted to help, we are accepting donations to help us buy water, canned food and tents. Together with Tito from Bromelia Lodge, we will be donating our time, energy and supplies in these coming weeks, to our neighbours up the coast. If you would like to donate (and any amount helps), you can send it to the Paypal account

Once again thanking all of your for your prayers, positive energy and concerns…

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