We realize that many people show up to yoga looking to meet inspirational teachers that will “give them something” – we invite you to come and meet yourself deeply – meet your inner teacher – under the guidance of our loving and experienced team of yogis.  This way you discover your inner guru and the source of all inspiration, love and peace.


Tamara Allers

Tamara Allers began her journey with yoga in 2007.  Her practice took her to India where she completed her yoga teacher training at Ashiyana Yoga. From there she traveled India exploring Mysore and ashrams in the south of India, taking her practice deeper into her body, mind, soul, and life experience.  Her body consciousness was further expanded on through her schooling in Holistic Nutrition in Canada and through intensive studies on medicinal herbs in Costa Rica. Tamara´s training is with Ashtanga Yoga, however her experience has broadened her teaching style to a much more fluid dynamic Vinyasa flow.  Her classes are wonderfully challenging, energizing, and powerful.


Teela (left) and Tamara (right) partnering Pincha Mayurasana- yoga is better with friends:)

Teela Hammell

Teela came to yoga seeking a stronger connection to her body, and her heart. She’d spent years in an academic/head-centered setting; yoga helped her remember how to hear the more subtle whisperings of her flesh and spirit. She has a background in psychology, crisis counseling, and cognitive behavioral therapy. Her classes incorporate healing aspects of each of these modalities. Through a blend of flow yoga and trauma-releasing techniques, her instruction aims to promote unification between heart, mind, and body, in an effort to feel whole, alive, and ultimately, free. In August, she received her 200 hr Yoga RYT.
Michelle Hurley
Michelle is a world wanderer using yoga to keep herself grounded and present. As a 200 hour RYT and epitome of the pitta dosha, she shares her transformational energy by guiding students through mindful vinyasa ebb and flow with bursts of fiery movements. Currently living and teaching on the coast of Ecuador much inspiration draws from her love of the ocean, sunshine, and of course Montanita surfing.
 Michelle taking in the Andes at Cajas National Park
She Cevallos
She, es una profesora de Yoga Certificada en el 2015. De raza mestiza Ecuatoriana, cultiva los saberes ancestrales de su pueblo y hace del yoga una ayuda para crear la conexión del cuerpo con la naturaleza. Comenzó su practica hace algunos años atrás como alternativa curativa para la mente, cuerpo y alma.  Surfista, hace de las practicas de surf y yoga su modo de vida, un modo de adoración a la naturaleza, trabajando para mejorar la forma física, la respiración, la flexibilidad, la unidad. Se ayuda de los conocimientos que puede dar estas practicas como sensaciones de vivir el momento, enfrentar miedos, meditar, encontrar equilibrio, fluir, ser espontáneo, olvidarse de las expectativas para finalmente sentirse libre, y emplea ese conocimiento en sus clases. Dándonos cuenta de lo capaces que somos y de cuanta fuerza podemos cultivar.
She preparing for a surf session with Urdhva Dhanurasana

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